New book: Jelly Has A Wobble

The second in the series of funny illustrated books about Jelly Rowntree who is wobbling on the edge of teenage-dom but clinging for dear life to childish things.
In Jelly Has a Wobble Jelly finds out that her Mum is getting married and she is going to be a totally embarrassing bridesmaid...

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Turning To Jelly

“Jelly (who is wobbly only when she runs and when Roger Lovely is in the vicinity) and her dorky best friends Ruby and Myf are going to secondary school. They know it's time to be cool and stop playing with dolls in their secret club - the trouble is, none of them is cool at all.”

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Pond Life

Dolly Ann Pond is a self-centred, somewhat whiny 20 or 30-something woman (in the 1990s) who lives alone in the flat above the shop she works in. She has lived in the same cul-de-sac all her life, which is an almost perfect metaphor for the 'dead end' life she sees herself trapped in.

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